A walk for the greater good

How to Become a Sponsor

Current sponsorship needs include:

  • Promotion (Flyer, Poster, Flags, Pop-up Banners, Gazebo, Signage, Website, Telecoms, Social Media, Radio) PA System
  • Outside Sound Equipment and DJ Outside Stage
  • Refreshments (Water, Juice, Lunch Packs)
  • Standby Medical Assistance (EMS)
  • Internet Access on the day of the event
  • T-Shirt and Caps or Bandanas
  • Media coverage
  • Safety vehicles to escort the participants
  • Gazebos for marshals
  • 2-way Radios for communication

Please send an email to sponsor@bakwenacharity.co.za to find out more about sponsorship opportunities.

Bank Account and Registration Details

Registered Name: Bakwena Walk 4 Charity

Banking Details:

  • Account Name: Bakwena Walk 4 Charity
  • Bank: FNB
  • Account Type: SAVINGS
  • Account Number: 62811274761